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When To Call for AC Services

When To Call for AC Services

In the sweltering heat of summer, a reliable air conditioning system becomes an absolute necessity to ensure comfort and well-being. However, ACs can occasionally malfunction or fail. Here are some common AC problems and how you can tell when it’s time to call for professional AC services to restore your cooling system’s efficiency.

The AC Is Blowing Warm Air

When an air conditioner runs, it should produce cool air that’s distributed throughout the home. If the air coming from the vents is warm, something has gone wrong in the cooling process.

The compressor in the air conditioner is responsible for circulating the AC’s refrigerant, which removes heat from the air. If there’s a problem with the compressor or your system is low on refrigerant, the system can’t produce cool air.

This problem can lead to a serious emergency, especially if the home has children or elderly family members. An HVAC technician can determine which part of the system is failing and provide a proper fix.

Strange or Burning Odor

Air conditioners use electricity to power all the parts of the system. The electrical connections can sometimes wear down and lead to a burning odor or sparks. This could be especially dangerous if the sparks fly and catch fire.

A burning odor is often caused by an electrical issue within the AC unit. A professional technician can find the root cause of the electrical problem and provide a repair or replacement to stop the burning and prevent the odor.

Loud or Odd Noises

Your AC system should ideally operate quietly. If you notice loud rattling, buzzing, or other unusual noises, it might be a sign of a problem. Several issues, such as loose components, worn-out belts, or debris in the system, could be causing the disturbance. Addressing these noises promptly can prevent further damage and ensure efficient cooling.

Your AC Isn’t Turning On

Sometimes, an air conditioner won’t turn on at all. While this can be frustrating, it’s often caused by a faulty thermostat or a tripped breaker. A quick look at the batteries or connection point of the thermostat and a check of the circuit breaker box could easily resolve the issue.

If the thermostat and breaker are fine, it may be time to call a professional. A licensed technician can find the underlying reason an AC system isn’t turning on and provide a solution that ensures it will work properly.

Your AC Is Frequently Cycling

Air conditioners will turn on and off throughout the day, but they shouldn’t constantly cycle. This usually means there’s a refrigerant or compressor problem, tricking the system into thinking it has provided enough cooling only to run again to provide more cooling.

With the help of an HVAC technician, you can have your coolant and compressor checked for issues. A simple repair may be all you need to help your AC system run properly.

Schedule AC Repairs With Sudden Service

For over 35 years, Sudden Service has provided fast, same-day HVC services in the DFW area. We’re licensed and insured and work hard to provide the right repairs the first time. When your AC causes problems in the summer, make sure to go with a trustworthy team of expert HVAC technicians.

We offer:

  • Same-day service
  • Free estimates on replacement quotes
  • Financing options
  • Service for all brands
  • Coupons & specials

For top-quality HVAC services in Dallas, look no further than Sudden Service. Call (817) 985-3613 to schedule AC services today.

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